DoubleClick Pumps Up Your AdSense Earnings and Screws Yahoo

doubleclick DoubleClick Pumps Up Your AdSense Earnings and Screws YahooIf your AdSense earnings go up in the next few months, if you start seeing ads for big brands on your little sites, here’s why: Google has opened the DoubleClick Ad Exchange, and connected it to the Google content network.

DoubleClick specializes in display advertising — flashy, brand-building, CPM ads often used by big advertisers. Google bought DoubleClick in 2007 for a whopping $3.1 billion; apparently, the integration of the two companies’ infrastructures is complete and ready to roll.

Google’s bread-and-butter so far has been pay-per-click advertising. Yahoo has been sitting comfortably as the market leader in display advertising through its acquisition, Right Media. The Yahoo Publisher Network trails massively behind the Google content network; integrating display ads into YPN still wouldn’t let Yahoo catch up.

Yahoo just lost its search business to Microsoft’s vendetta against Google. With thousands of Long Tail sites now suddenly open to big-brand display advertisers through Google, Yahoo gets screwed for the second time this quarter.

Of course, if you’re an AdSense publisher, you wouldn’t care about Yahoo’s fate. You’d just sit back and enjoy the earnings bump. ;)

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