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Facebook begins pointing out your less popular friends

facebook only one friend Facebook begins pointing out your less popular friendsAs well as the recent news feed changes, Facebook has decided that it’s time to point out the people on your friends list who just aren’t quite so popular.

This morning, I saw one of my friends in the suggestions box, with the comment “[name] only has 17 friends” and the invitation for me to suggest more people she might know.

Point, stare and snicker!

Turns out this is an official feature.

Do you know any friends that could use a little help on Facebook? For example, maybe they recently joined the site and are having trouble finding their friends. Or maybe they’ve been on the site for awhile but never completely filled out their profiles or uploaded a profile picture.

There’s also the opportunity to encourage friends to become more active on Facebook. Hmm, I wonder why Facebook would be interested in getting people to do more on their site…?


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