Google Books introduces EPUB standard, opposition forms OBA

epub logo Google Books introduces EPUB standard, opposition forms OBAWhile the opposition to Google Books grows, the service continues to push forward.

The latest news is that over one million public domain books are now available in the free, open industry standard EPUB format, as well as PDF, for download to compatible devices.

Unlike PDF, which keeps the same format as created regardless of what device it’s viewed on, EPUB is a text-based format that lets text reflow depending on what display it’s on. This is much better for smaller devices and those with different dimensions.

A few weeks ago, Sony announced that its readers would now be able to handle the EPUB format.

Meanwhile, the coalition of companies opposing Google Books has set up the Open Book Alliance. I still think it’s amusing that Microsoft is a member of an organization looking to thwart a “monopoly”, but there you go.

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