Google Shows the World How to be the King of Search

Move over real-time touting searching engines of sort. Learn it from the pro. Learn how to do it correctly from Google – the master of web search, mobile search, voice search, and now real-time search. While others are still prepping up their plans to integrate real-time streams into their search results, here comes the all mighty G announcing its real-time search results.

Google’s real-time search lets you discover news while it is happening thanks to Google’s so called real-time algorithms.  It integrates live tweets, blog posts, news and other web content on a scrolling view embedded right on Google SERPs.

Even more fun is the fact that you can filter your real-time search results to include only updates from specific sites, be it Twitter, Friendfeed, Jaiku and others.

Google also added “hot topics” to Google Trends, a service that shows under what topics people are publishing their online content in real-time.

So practically now, Google can claim that is has finally answered the perennial question – “What’s Happening Right Now?”

Incidentally, aside from real-time search, Google is also introducing several new features to its other search-related products. Mobile Search can now be done by voice, location or sight through image scanning or what is now known as Google Goggles.

All these features will be gradually rolled out to everyone in the coming days. If you can’t see these features yet while using Google search, check out the attached video to get a feel of how Google Real-Time search does its tricks.

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