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Google Wave, one step closer to the Google OS? No way, it’s even no Beta.

On the day that Skype announced a new version, completely with screen sharing cross platform-wide (although the new version was only released for Windows), the Big G went one step further and announced Google Wave.
Jens and Lars Rasmussen, creators of Google Maps, discovered that in our modern era online communication the A and O is but still leaves lots to be desired, so they started a new project based on actual restrictions:

  • Why do we have to live with divides between different types of communication — email versus chat, or conversations versus documents?
  • Could a single communications model span all or most of the systems in use on the web today, in one smooth continuum? How simple could we make it?
  • What if we tried designing a communications system that took advantage of computers’ current abilities, rather than imitating non-electronic forms?

After two years of development, Google Wave was born.


What is Google Wave? Let’s not beat around the bush but face things as they _really_ are: Google Wave is the next big thing. It will cook your potatoes, boil your eggs, chop your trees and slice tomatoes for you. Google Wave will become the Rolls Royce of the internet. The whole world wide web and some more agree.

What is Google Wave exactly?

More than being a new and powerful communication tool, it seems that the Big G finally found a way to implement all their services in one and are moving closer and closer to becoming the ultimate home page, online OS even. With a strong Developer API, this mix of further developed GTalk, Google Docs, Google Maps and so much more has potential. Lots of potential. Will it replace your homepage? Will Google Wave become more than ‘a wave’. Probably.

As a new open source service with API everything is possible. The integration of both Google FriendConnect and Google Latitude seems a logic step, immediately bringing Google Wave potentially up to a level ready to compete with Facebook and Myspace. If well executed Google Wave has the potential to become omni-present and compete with all the other social networking sites/platforms. Also thanks to the open API.

A release date has not been announced yet, but Google Wave is available as Developer Preview already. Let the waiting for one of the probably biggest internet hypes commence.

Update: Here’s the official Google I/O Wave Announcement video.

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