iSkoot offers real-time Twitter to consumer handsets

Mobile Internet solutions provider iSkoot announced that it has added support for the Twitter community through Kalaida mobile services platform which can deliver real-time Internet functionality to almost any handset.

iSkoot’s Kalaida platform lets consumer handsets connect to Twitter and other communications tools the way PCs do: all at once and in real time. A single sign-in activates all services to keep the experience simple while preserving handset resources and battery life. Other services enabled on the Kalaida platform include full-time, real-time connection to social networks, personal e-mail, instant messaging, and leading news, sports, and entertainment feeds. Kalaida delivers a full spectrum of Internet services to a single live screen on the handset, eliminating the need for users to open a browser or application to access one service at a time. All services are delivered over available data connections, without requiring 3G or WiFi for optimal performance.

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  1. iSkoot have the robust ability to route your Skype calls over the voice channel that your Skype calls sound matches the quality of your normal phone calls. This is the reason why i like it most.

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