Joo Joo, the Web Slate Formerly Known as CrunchPad Gets Previewed

Remember the CrunchPad? Well, in case you didn’t catch the news yesterday, said tablet has just been christened Joo Joo, the web slate, tablet or whatever you may want to call it.

Now here’s the news, after announcing that they are pushing the release of the JooJoo after their deal with Michael Arrington didn’t work out, Joo Joo’s developer Fusion Garage has just demoed that actual tablet/web slate to CNET as Fusion Garage’s CEO showed his Joo Joo.

From what we can observe from the video, the Joo Joo functions and behaves like Time Inc’s tablet device which was demoed recently as well. You would really think that both machines are one and the same.  Are they or are they not the same device?

Anyway, CNET has the following observations about the Joo Joo – slim and pleasing to hold hardware, gorgeous screen display, curved plastic back, slim and thin form factor and has no any other buttons except the power switch.

In addition, the JooJoo is loaded with a Linux-based OS but not to perform as a full operating system: Linux is only integrated to launch the web browser.  Fusion Garage should have worked out a deal with Google, as the Chrome OS definitely fits the Joo Joo to a tee.

Additionally, Joo Joo’s browser can run Flash scripts as well as HTML extensions. It won’t run non-web apps though.

In other words, Joo Joo is basically a made-for-web device with a hefty price ($499). Anybody willing to shell out that amount must be pretty rich or simply gadget-savvy-geek.

There’s no doubt that the Joo Joo is a pretty cool and innovative device. But I couldn’t help but plea with Apple to hurry up and brings us the rumored Apple Tablet please.

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