Majority of web users concerned about privacy online

Majority of web surfers (80.1%) indicated concern about the privacy of their personal information such as age, gender, income and web surfing habits, a Burst Media survey revealed.

The survey was administered to over 4,000 web users with the purpose of better understanding how privacy impacts a web user’s Internet experience, as well as its impact on advertisers. In addition to finding that privacy is a significant concern amongst web users, the survey also revealed that concern increases with the age of the respondent.

Concern about privacy is prevalent among all age segments, and increased with the respondent’s age from 67.3% among respondents 18-24 years to 85.7% of respondents 55 years and older.

The survey also found that most web users believe web sites are tracking their behavior online. Three out of five (62.5%) respondents indicated it is likely that a web site they visit collects information on how they navigate and interact with it.

Also of note was the revelation that personal privacy is not something people are willing to give up for more relevant advertising. Based strictly on the description “advertisements more relevant to interest,” only one-in-five (23.2%) respondents would not mind if non-personally identifiable information was collected if ads were better targeted.

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