Microsoft playing catchup with Zune HD App Store?

zune hd apps 300x204 Microsoft playing catchup with Zune HD App Store?Microsoft must be pretty pleased with the latest speculation over its new Zune HD media player, for although companies have to officially denounce any rumors that come out, behind closed doors they’re usually pretty pleased there’s any interest in the next big thing they’re releasing.

It’s something Apple thrives on, and perhaps Microsoft is hoping that the mere mention of an application store for its new PMP will make it more exciting than it is.

OK, so it’s been covered by Engadget without much (if any) MS snark, so it has a reasonable cool factor.

The story is that the “Apps” section was spotted while fiddling with the new Zune HD in a retail store, with the salesperson suggesting that applications would be available.

That’s it. We all know that portable players aren’t “in” these days if they don’t have an application store, and that Microsoft would love to compete with Apple’s App Store (never gonna happen) but is this just another catchup plan?

I know a lot of people are drooling over the Zune HD, but I just don’t see Microsoft having an innovative mobile strategy in any area. Maybe the device won’t flop, but will it really be able to challenge the iPod Touch?

Watch the shaky video below:

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