MySpace to send one member to Davos as “Special Correspondent” for World Economic Forum

myspace1 MySpace to send one member to Davos as Special Correspondent for World Economic ForumMySpace is kicking-off “MySpace Journal,” a competition in partnership with The Wall Street Journal and the World Economic Forum, giving its users the opportunity to become a special correspondent at the world’s most prestigious conference, the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2009 in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland. The “MySpace Journal” winner, chosen by a panel of experts, will join the Davos press corps and leverage the MySpace platform to report on conference news and interview world leaders about issues relevant to the global MySpace community.

The “MySpace Journal” competition encourages anyone to upload a video explaining why they should be chosen to travel to Davos and represent the global MySpace community as the special correspondent. A panel of expert judges including Mark Adams (Head of Communications of the World Economic Forum), Arianna Huffington (Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Huffington Post), Frank Luntz (Communications Specialist and Political Consultant) and Chris DeWolfe (CEO and Co-Founder of MySpace) will select the winner while the MySpace community rates their favorite submissions.

Applicants must share why they should be chosen to attend Davos and report on the conference for the global MySpace community as well as any one of the below questions:

• If you were given the opportunity to take one person (living or historical figure) to Davos in order to make an impact on the conference, who would it be and why?

• If you could engage the entire MySpace community in doing one thing to help make an economic difference, what would it be?

• Why do you deserve the chance to attend the World Economic Forum as the MySpace Special Correspondent and how will your participation engage the audience?

“MySpace Journal” winners will receive:

• All-expense paid travel to/from Davos, Switzerland
• Congress and Media Centre Access
• Lunch with Wall Street Journal editors
• Syndication of the winner’s MySpace blog via

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