Need to Schedule your Twitter Post? HootSuite is the App for that

There are many Twitter desktop clients as there are iPhone Twitter apps. But nothing possibly comes close to the sleek and useful features that HootSuite offers – scheduled tweets and Twitter analytics.

Whether we like it or not, Twitter now controls our daily communication and socialization activities and will remain as is for perhaps several more years. Everybody is getting into the Twitter phenomenon. Even search giants are integrating Twitter tweets to their search results pages.

So, to leverage on Twitter’s phenomenal success it is best to come up with innovative ideas that extends Twitter’s functionality.

That’s where HootSuite iPhone app comes in. It lets you schedule your tweets, access all your Twitter accounts on one mobile dashboard and import Twitter lists you created to your iPhone HootSuite account.

HootSuite’s tweet scheduling feature lets you select which of your accounts to send the tweets from and when you want HootSuite to send it.  As easy as that – simple, sleek and very useful.

For data freaks, HootSuite also has a nice click tracker that lets you see how many clicks the links in tweets already got – displayed in a line chart.

HootSuite for iPhone is available now at the iTunes Store. And for an app as useful as HootSuite it certainly is worth the $1.99 you have to spend to get it. Here’s the iTunes Link.

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  1. HootSuite also wraps all of your shorted urls (using their service) into a browser-hijacking frame which means folks won’t see the actual URL you sent them, instead they’ll end up on an page featuring a bar across the top of their browser without them being able to see what site they’re on…

  2. thanks for share!


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