Netviewer web conferencing now available for free to private users

netviewer1 Netviewer web conferencing now available for free to private usersWith more people discovering the value of web conferencing as a practical way to collaborate, German-based Netviewer AG is encouraging its private users to take advantage of its web conferencing software for free. Users can obtain the fully functional program by downloading it from Up to four people can jointly view and edit documents across great distances. The software is ideal for holding meetings or providing support. The free version is limited to private use.

The initiator of a meeting sends an e-mail invitation to other participants. The participants simply click on a link in the invitation and seconds later they can view the other person’s screen. Software installation is not necessary. During a web conference all participants can jointly view and edit documents, tables, and presentations. By changing the “Direction of viewing” each participant can lead a discussion by sharing files located on his or her computer. Functions like “Remote Control” enable the participants to make changes on the other person’s computer. As a result, users are able to provide each other with rapid assistance in solving technical problems.

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