Playstation 3 Now Supports Facebook Updates

Possibly not wanting to let Xbox Live one up them, Sony has officially announced support for Facebook.  The announcement was made via a post at the official Playstation blog about the latest PS3 firmware (v3.10) update.  One of the new features of the firmware updates is of course “partial” support to Facebook.

Partial support meaning if you are a Playstation 3user, you can have the option to let your PS3 automatically updates your Facebook news feed with your game trophies as well as purchases at the Playstation Store. But to do this, you need to link your Playstation Network to your Facebook account first. Similar perhaps to the process of allowing third party apps to connect to your Facebook account.

In addition, the new firmware also gives developers the option to set specific criteria in their titles when publishing additional game information to your Facebook news feed. And since the PS3 has a built-in web browser, you can practically check out your friends’ Facebook, Twitter and other social media activities.

According to Sony, this is just the start of more integration features to come. Any idea what those features will be?  Multi-player gaming between PS3 users and Facebook users perhaps? Or perhaps the ability to play Mafia Wars in Playstation 3 and the achievements getting synched in real-time on Facebook? Who knows?

In the meantime, this integration is another  reason for me to finally purchase a PS3 unit as an advanced Christmas gift to myself.

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