Roku Adds 10 New Free Channels, Sans YouTube

What use to be a mere gadget that allows geeks to watch Internet TV on their computers is now a full blown Internet media provider. I’m talking about Roku, which has successfully expanded it’s set-top box business to release an iTunes-like store for Internet content channels.

And to kick off with its business of delivering Internet content to its set-top boxes Roku has added 10 free channels to give its users their fix of  Internet-to-TV content.

These free Roku channels include – Facebook photos,, Flickr, FrameChannel, MediaFly, MobileTribe, Motionbox, TWit.TV, Revision3, and Pandora. If you look closely, each of these channels represent new media at its finest. Flickr and Facebook for digital photos, Pandora for music, Revision 3 for Internet shows such as diggnation, and more.

What? No YouTube?  Well, the folks at Roku are probably well aware of the recent TOS issue of YouTube which blocked set-top box company Popcorn Hour from streaming YouTube videos recently. So, no YouTube channel for Roku users for now. Perhaps in the near future when set-top boxes and that the YouTube folks realize that they should get along well with these services.

This leads me to ask, have you used Roku or any of these set-top boxes or do you plan on  getting into the craze anytime soon?

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  1. We have had a roku since it was just a netflix player and we LOVE it. With the addition of the new channels this morning, I see broadcast media turned on it’s head. This is what Boxee has been trying to do for some time…but roku just took it mainstream, not just geek.

  2. ChannelZero says:

    I bought the Roku box, hoping to replace Comcast for good. Well, since then, I’ve fallen in love with this little rascal!

    There’s really no need for cable anymore. Especially considering what they’re charging.

    With the Roku box, I stream Netflix to my television, listen to Pandora on my stereo, and even keep up with my weekly news shows. Additionally, the major networks still broadcast freely over the airwaves.

    If Roku combines with Hulu and YouTube, cable is dead. It’s already dead in my house. Thank you Roku!

  3. I have a roku and dig it so far.
    We need more stations available. I would love to see live streaming offerings from

    I don’t see hulu jumping on the band wagon, they are starting to do crazy things over there. They are wanting to charge for a better plan package and add full commercials over there,,, that news has been out for a while, but has been given a go this month. Shame!

    Netflix also needs to add better quality streaming options. They really really need to vamp this one up.

    This is what I do for TV these Days:

    Roku :

    Netflix, mediafly, Amazon VOD

    Over the air HD

    HD laptop hooked up to the TV:

    I use : (for now)

    and a few other sites

    I generally get everything I need.
    Youtube addition to ROKU would be nice on top of my other requests.

    Roku could get these providers on board and they could KILL CABLE

    once company is already trying this:

    [link removed by Editor]

  4. what about t.b.s and b.e.t live on roku not playon do not work

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