Statusplug, the service to sell advertising on your Facebook page

Some days ago I announced the upcoming PayPerFacebookStatusUpdate rather tongue in cheek. Now it seems that this area already covered is for Facebook Page administrators. If you have a rather popular Facebook page with thousands of fans and want to earn a quick buck from the effort you put in to maintaining your page, StatusPlug is an advertising network offering exactly this.

Advertisers can share media files or just links. Publishers have the freedom to refuse campaigns they do not wish to promote. Right now the statusplug directory does not offer many opportunities yet, but several rather large pages such as Laughing when someone falls (almost 2million fans) and Chocolate chip cookies (more than 1million fans) are present already.
Prices start at $50 and go up to $800 right now (Laughing when someone falls).

It will be interesting to see if this service grows or if other players will join this space, accelerate their efforts to own the Facebook Status Updates advertising market.
@TedMurphy, yes we are looking at you.

Over at The Blog Herald Thord D. Hedengren reported another way of selling advertisements on Facebooks: via ebay.

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