Study: Big brands using Twitter to broadcast not engage

twitter interesting Study: Big brands using Twitter to broadcast not engage

A recent study of 140 leading UK and global organizations with profiles on Twitter found that the majority are simply using it to broadcast their corporate messages rather than engaging with their followers and the wider community.

Just over a quarter of those surveyed adopt a very formal tone, while just a few are interacting well with fans and critics alike.

The amount of tweeting also varied hugely, from one extreme (BMW tweeted once a month when it started) to the other (Innocent Drinks tweeted up to 900 times in a week).

MD of Immediate Future, Katy Howell, said that “Unless you broadcast really useful tweets such as news and information, you are likely to be perceived as the self-centred, crashing bore at the Twitter party”.

The full report can be downloaded, in exchange for your contact information, from the Immediate Future web site.

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  1. Louis Slade says:

    Howell hit the nail on the head with that comment. On the other hand, by hardly posting, as a small business, your social media followers may have the chance of falling off and becoming disinterested. BMW gets away with sporadically posting because they are a trust brand that has a solid community around their product. I’m thinking, maybe a good balance between both posting volume extremes would be nice.

    Louis Slade
    Email Marketing Company

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