Tweeting too Hard, when Twitter and Facebook fail for self-validation

One of the great things about Twitter, and since recently Facebook, is the huge amount of self-validation you get from both platforms. As if that alone wasn’t enough yet, you can now get even more validation at Tweeting too Hard.

What is Tweeting too Hard?

There’s always that person at a party that is trying way too hard. Well, Twitter is a party and those people are here, too. Actually, it could be you.

Tweeting Too Hard is the place to submit, vote on, and chuckle self-righteously at tweets that are just too much. Self-importance, pretense, braggadocio—it’s all here and it’s laid bare for the scoffing.

We all know someone who is due for a good-natured tweet-roast. So get to it. Click the big green submit button and make the world a better place.

Tweeting too Hard allows you to submit your own tweets and deserve lots of Back Pats. There are some jewels in the All-time Top.

it makes me sad, the more I have success the more people don’t like me…. [#]

I love how some dudes hate me for dating their fantasy girl, as if they were going to if I hadn’t. [#]

I make multi-million $ decisions on a regular basis — why is it soooo difficult to decide what to do with my hair? [#]

Fucked up the Benz today! 2nd car in a month! Its ok tho sushi & sake with my bestie roxy! [#]

Tweeting too Hard, self-validation in 140 characters. With added Back Pats.

Added to our List of useless Twitter apps.

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