Baby Steps to iPad’s World Domination, an iPad for Every Seton Hill University Students

Screen shot 2010 03 31 at 5.51.04 AM 490x232 Baby Steps to iPads World Domination, an iPad for Every Seton Hill University Students

I admit. I made up that title. But I can’t help but foresee the future of the American educational setting. One iPad for every student in every schools. Each of the iPads interconnected with the school where they are being used. Having access to college textbooks and other systems in the school.  Does the thought freak you out? or does it sound exciting?

Now back to reality. Setton Hill University is reportedly giving out an iPad for every full-time student starting in Fall 2010. This is part of the university’s Technology Advantage Program.  The iPad that will be given to students will allow them to download textbooks from the iBookstore, used the iPads as phones, sharing files and note-taking notes. In other words, Setton Hill is taking its baby steps towards a fully-electronic educational setting using the Apple iPad. And for iPad, it’s the magical device’s baby steps towards conquering the world, starting with the education sector.

I’m pretty sure, if this program gets a headstart, the only thing that would stop other universities from copying it is Apple’s capability to supply the demand. And given Apple and Steve Jobs’ desire to conquer the world through computing, I’m pretty sure as well that supply will just be a minor problem for Apple.

Incidentally, in case you’re not aware Setton Hill University has this habit of  of either lending or giving out Apple products to its students.  The university has previously issued a 13-inch MacBook to its students with round-the-clock support for technical issues encountered by students when using their MacBook. In other words, the Setton Hill University is a great place to learn if you’re an Apple fanatic.

If I could afford it, I’d definitely send my son to study in Setton Hill University.

Twitter Tweaks its Homepage a Bit

homepage screen 490x311 Twitter Tweaks its Homepage a Bit

In case you’re visiting right now and you happen to be not signed in to your account, don’t be surprise to see a different homepage (see image above).  Twitter has just rolled a new interface design for its homepage, this is the main page that you see when you’re not logged in to

Actually in terms of look and feel the new homepage is not really that different from the old design.  The large blue banner on top of the page is still there, although some phrases and branding statement where tweaked a bit.

Here’s  the old

Screen shot 2010 03 31 at 4.56.29 AM 490x263 Twitter Tweaks its Homepage a Bit

If you’re a keen observer, the first thing that you notice is the change in the Twitter tagline – from “Share and discover what’s happening right now, anywhere in the world” to “What’s happening anywhere in the world, right now.” Obviously the word “share” was omitted. The Twitter blog didn’t directly give an explanation, although a line in the post announcing this change might have suggested the reason for deleting “share” from the tagline.

All of our recent changes embrace the notion that Twitter is not just for status updates anymore. It’s a network where information is exchanged and consumed at a rapid clip every second of the day. With so much being shared, we know that there’s something of value for everyone. People who internalize the value of Twitter understand the power of this simple medium. But it hasn’t been easy to make that value transparent or obvious for curious folks coming to Twitter for the first time.

In other words, Twitter is trying to underscore the “sharing” aspect of Twitter and highlights the fact that Twitter is now a place were discussions among Twitter members are held, what people are tweeting about, and who are the Twitter members who just visited

So below the huge blue-themed banner on top, you’d see dynamic content highlighting the top tweets at Twitter right now as well as some famous Twitter members.

Generally, Twitter wants to give first time visitors some compelling reasons to sign up for Twitter while maintaining interests among current members.

eBay Releases Two iPhone Apps, iPad App Coming On April 3

Through the years, eBay has proven itself as a very viable e-commerce site providing consumers with fast and reliable platform for both selling and buying consumer goods. But that’s just eBay’s web interface.

Today, eBay is taking its selling business on mobile, specifically on the iPhone with the release of two new apps – global marketplace and the new site.  Both these iPhone apps allows you to take photos of an item that you want to sell, upload it to or EbayClassifieds and wait until someone notice and buys it.  A pretty simple and quick way of transacting sales online, with the help of the iPhone.

“The eBay Selling app makes it easy for sellers to bring even greater value and selection to eBay and offer more great deals for buyers. Whether selling or shopping, we’ve put the world’s largest online marketplace in the palm of your hand, and we’ve introduced a great new option for consumers who prefer to sell and buy in a trusted, family friendly local classifieds format,” said Lorrie Norrington, president of eBay Marketplaces.

True enough both the Ebay Selling App and Ebay Classifieds app lets you do the following:

For eBay Selling Ap – point, shoot and click to list an item from their iPhones in 60 seconds or less, research sales trends and price ranges on eBay and list similar items for sale, easily and clearly view the status of items for sale, share listings with Facebook and Twitter social networks and quickly link to other eBay and PayPal iPhone apps.

For eBay Classifieds App – free ad postings in less than a minute with up to eight photos, either from the iPhone’s photo library or its camera, fast and simple search by keyword, location, price range and other attributes and single-page ad view with reply, watch, and share features – all while on the go.

And before I forgot, if you ordered the iPad, you’d be among the first users who will enjoy the upcoming eBay app for the iPad.

Here’s a demo of the eBay Classifieds iPhone app:

Twitepad Makes it on iPad Launch Date

Alright folks, with the iPad launch date just barely a week away expect to hear more news about it in the coming days not only in this blog but in other tech sites as well.  Whether you pre-ordered the iPad or not and whether you plan to or not Apple, we have to admit it – Apple has succeeded in generating a buzz about its magical device.

And so as the launch date approaches, let’s take a look at perhaps one of iPad apps that I’m pretty sure will be an instant hit in the iPad Apps Store once it opens – Twitepad, a cool Twitter client for the iPad.

Of course, you expected it right? That Twitter-related apps will be among the first few apps to hit the iPad Apps Store? I’m pretty sure, there will be more but in the meantime here’s what you should expect from Twitepad.

Twipad supports multi-user accounts and multiple columns. It will take full use of the iPad’s huge screen, as compared to the iPhone and iPod Touch and divide it into two columns – one containing your Twitter timelines and the other serving as a web browser.  The cool thing is when you try to open a link shared by your Twitter followers, it will open up on the second column. Hence, giving you a faster way of browsing Twitter feeds and content links.

Twitepad also support various Twitter retweets and lists, your Instapaper account, Tweetmeme and statistics, and a database backend.

In short, Twitepad looks like a runaway hit unless other more popular Twitter clients gets into the scene as quickly as they can.

Are you going to install Twitepad on your iPad?

Warner Bros is Hiring Student Piracy Spies

warner bros 490x372 Warner Bros is Hiring Student Piracy Spies

How far would a movie company go to fend of movie pirates and put a stop to their scheme which is causing the company billions of money in potential income?  Well, Warner Bros. through its Anti-Piracy division is going as far as recruiting students to spy on activities on private Torrent Sites.

If you’re an “IT literate” student who has experience participating in those torrent sites, you might want to apply for this internship at Warner Bros. Who knows it might open up other income-generating opportunities for you, right?

I mean what job could possibly be the best for you if you’re a student, which according to Warner Bros are very experienced with private Torrent Sites?

The job deals with both digital and physical piracy. And if you apply land the job, you’re responsibility include making trap purchase and maintaining accounts on those sites.  You will also be scouring the Internet looking for illegally posted and used Warner Bros. and NBC Universal content.  You will also be responsible for sending out take down and infringement notices to violators.

And guess how much Warner Bros. is willing to pay for this internship? –  £17,500 salary for the 12 month internship that will start on July 2010. Applicants are required to study a degree in a computing related discipline and programming experience with Java or JSP and PHP, Perl or Python is seen as a bonus.

Deadline for submission of application is on March 31. Interested with this cool job? Better send your application now.

It’s Officially the iPad Week, What Did You Miss So Far?

Screen shot 2010 03 29 at 9.49.22 PM 490x202 Its Officially the iPad Week, What Did You Miss So Far?

If you’re like me who have been monitoring Techmeme and other tech news aggregator, you’d probably noticed that iPad news and rumors starting propagating on the Internet starting last Saturday. Well, what do you expect? It’s one week before the iPads reach the doors of those those so called “idiots”, that includes me who pre-ordered Apple’s magical device since two weeks ago.

Let’s see, Apple has sold out the first wave of its iPad stocks, prompting the iPad Store to indicate that new orders of iPads won’t ship until April 12. Then there are various leaked screenshots of the iPad stores and the cool applications that will be released on launch day. Some of these apps are games, while some are useful productivity tools. These are just some of the iPad-related headlines that went out last weekend.

And today, exactly five days before the iPad arrives to those who pre-ordered it, the hype is even building up some more.

First, according to an official PR, the iPad will be available in Best Buy on April 3. Now, there’s a catch however. Reports say that only 15 units of iPad will arrive on each of the hundreds of Best Buy brick and mortar stores.

What’s interesting is the fact that Apple is no longer accepting on-store pick-up for new orders of the iPad and prefers to ship them out instead.

Oh, in case you’ve pre-ordered your iPad, you should have received a notification on your email stating that Apple has started shipping your  iPad. Just in time for the promised April 3 delivery date. Isn’t that exciting?

So, how are you psyching up yourself for the arrival of your iPad? What apps are you planning to purchase from the iPad Apps Store?

Nokia Intros the Intelligent Mobile Phone Bots

Recently, Nokia introduced these mobile add-ons called Nokia Bots.  According to Nokia, these Bots are a collection add-ons that autonomously learn your personal preferences and improve the user experience with your daily routines.

The Nokia Bots run on your mobile phone’s homescreen and observe how you use your phone daily. What these Bots do is determine whether you would still benefit from some customization which they  automatically configure and activate  by themselves.

Currently available for the Nokia N97 and N97 Mini, there are currently four Nokia Bots waiting for your perusal if you own any of the said two smartphones. These Bots and what they ca do are:

Profile Bot  - add-on that helps you by automating profile changes during meetings. This is useful if you forget to turn your phone before a meeting and turn it back to normal mode after the meeting.  After suggesting profile changes you can accept this by a single click.

Alarm Bot – learns your regular waking hours and suggest alarms and profile changes nightly before you go to sleep.

Shortcut Bot – A pretty useful add-on that gives you quick access to your most frequently used applications. It learns your preferences in the background and updates shortcuts automatically.

Battery Bot – reminds you when you need to charge your phone’s battery every evening before you go to sleep.

You may download all these Nokia Bots here.

Amazon Pushes Kindle TV Ads

Call it coincidence or a a deliberate attempt at possibly spoiling the intensifying excitement over the release of the iPad. But Amazon’s recent airing of two TV ads for Kindle is a sign that the company is not just going to let the iPad steal the Kindle’s existing dominance on the e-book market.

The two TV ads features are short snappy and trendy clips showing the theme “books in 60 seconds.” Meaning, that’s how fast you can get hold of a full edition of a published book in your Amazon Kindle, through its 3G wiresless connectivity or via the Internet. The Kindle TV Ads are pretty well done, colorful and able to send the message that the Kindle can bring “colors” to what you read.

Interestingly, Amazon has commissioned airing of the two commercials into prime time on major channels. Makes us think that Amazon has really spent a lot to push their campaign. And of course, it shows how serious they are in staying competitive against the iPad.

Here’s the other Amazon Kindle TV commercial.

Everything You Need to Know About Email Spam, Rackspace Infographics Rocks!

We are all annoyed by spam, right? I mean, I could not think of anybody who takes pleasure in receiving spam emails. But have you ever wondered how spam invaded our email inbox? Or how much spam is out there in the online world that we all live in? We are those spams coming from really? Is Nigeria the biggest spammer country? – I think it’s time to debunk this myth in fairness to Nigeria.

These and other facts about spam are answered by this cool infographics prepared by the folks at Rackspace, who like everyone of us are annoyed by these persistently and rampantly attacking spam on our email. Learn and enjoy about folks!

SPAM 01 Everything You Need to Know About Email Spam, Rackspace Infographics Rocks!
SPAM 02 Everything You Need to Know About Email Spam, Rackspace Infographics Rocks!
SPAM 03 Everything You Need to Know About Email Spam, Rackspace Infographics Rocks!
SPAM 04 Everything You Need to Know About Email Spam, Rackspace Infographics Rocks!
SPAM 04 02 Everything You Need to Know About Email Spam, Rackspace Infographics Rocks!
SPAM 05 Everything You Need to Know About Email Spam, Rackspace Infographics Rocks!
SPAM 06 Everything You Need to Know About Email Spam, Rackspace Infographics Rocks!
SPAM wordle Everything You Need to Know About Email Spam, Rackspace Infographics Rocks!

Hosted Exchange

People Are Digging Digg’s iPhone App

Aside from the Digg buttons and widget generators that Digg recently made available as part of the preparation for the launch of its redesigned page, the social bookmarking site has also released a new iPhone app. And mind you, it’s a pretty cool and useful app that brings in all the Digg good stuff that we all enjoyed and have grown to love through the years.

In fact just a few hours after it was released, the new Digg for  iPhone suddenly goes to the top of the iPhone Apps Store’s “news” category.  We don’t have exact download figures yet, but the fact that it went to the top of the apps chart is an indication that iPhone users are digging the new Digg app.

If you haven’t downloaded it yet on your iPhone, now is the right time to do so. If you’ve loved, I’m pretty sure you’d also love this  Digg iPhone app. Why? You can watch the attached video above demonstrating the many cool and touchy features of the Digg app.

Digg for iPhone app lets you browse lists of recent content, search for the topics you care about and save stories to check out later. You can also join the usual Digg curation fun by Digging and burying stories and comments right on your iPhone. You know what’s great about this iPhone app? It interface well with the touch screen features of the iPhone. And if your scanning and browsing the highly active Digg storyline, you’d notice how easy it is to so by just tapping and swiping your iPhone’s screen.

In case you’re not aware, Digg for iPhone app was created by the folks at TapTapTap. And to celebrate the release of their app, the group is giving away free iPads. Here’s how you can grab one of this most anticipated mobile device.