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Can BBM Aid RIM’s War Against The iPhone?

With the Blackberry Torch behind them and the Playbook tablet ahead of them, RIM’s attempts at thwarting Apple’s rise looked pathetic at best (especially when one considers the size of their app store). However, RIM might be able to slow ...


Out: Blackpad. In: Playbook? (RIM Tablet)

After showcasing their Blackberry Torch, it looks like the smartphone giant has decided against calling their tablet “blackpad” (which was a stupid name truthfully) and has instead embraced Playbook. Yes, seriously. The tablet thus far ...

Virus Attacks Google On Orkut

Unless you live in India, Brazil or the geekosphere, you probably have never heard of orkut, which is Google’s official social network which (sadly) never became popular in the US. Anyways it seems as if a new virus has hit the service, which ...