Apple Snubs iPad, Launches iPhone App For Apple Store

appleappstore1 Apple Snubs iPad, Launches iPhone App For Apple StoreIt looks like the boys and girls at Cupertino have launched an official app for their app store, allowing Apple fans too lazy to fight the iFaithful in the physical world to order their gear from the palm of their hands.

Buy Apple products and accessories, read customer reviews, find an Apple Retail Store, stay up to date with in-store events, and make Personal Shopping, Genius Bar, or One to One appointments.

The Apple Store app is also the easiest way to buy or reserve your new iPhone — right from your current iPhone. You can do it in just a few taps, without entering your AT&T account information. Order your new iPhone from the Apple Online Store and it’s shipped to you free and ready to use. Or reserve your new iPhone, pick it up at an Apple Retail Store, and we’ll set it up for you in minutes. (Apple Store App)

This should make pre ordering iPhone 4 (or even the glorious iPad) much easier for iFans, as the app connects directly with your iTunes account (so make sure you have plenty of funds available before ordering).

While an official Apple App was long over due, what is puzzling is the fact that Apple didn’t make their app “iPad friendly.”

The designer and builder of the iPad publishes the Apple Store app with no iPad version. The store app would be great and powerful as an iPad app. Considering the iPad web share is now greater than the iPhone and Touch, an iPad version should be a no brainer. (App Review via Iwrandall)

Apple will probably update the app to make it iPad friendly lest their be an uproar (as Apple fans are whiny–this author included). Hopefully they will not merely “scale up” the app for iPad viewing, but also include some HD video presentations as well.

With iOS 4 debuting to the masses any day now, Apple may include the official Apple Store app as one of the default apps for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (just like they do with the App Store app).

Either way this should make ordering Apple gear much easier, without the hassles of dealing with humans (or your wireless provider).

(via Mashable)

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