Apple To iLovers: Flash Not Included (Macs)

macbookair 490x173 Apple To iLovers: Flash Not Included (Macs)

While Apple’s war against all things Flash isn’t surprising regarding their iOS devices, it looks the company is no longer installing Adobe’s favored program upon their notebook and Macs either.

I asked Apple whether this change would be applied across the entire the Mac product line, and they confirmed to me that it would. Existing Macs currently in the retail channel naturally still have Flash Player preinstalled, but in the coming weeks, all new Macs will begin shipping without Flash Player. (Daring Fireball)

This change also affects the new Macbook Air as well, although unlike iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad, users will be able to install flash upon their computer, although truth be told they could simply download Google Chrome (which bakes Adobe flash right in).

While the lack of Flash will probably not slow down the demand of Apple’s computers (especially with Cupertino finally rolling out a Mac Store for its iFans), it may signal Apple’s whole hearted embrace of the HTML5 gospel (which Apple’s CEO has been heavily promoting in place of Flash).

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  1. Stupid ‘hype’ to fuel a war. The Flash app which is integrated in Snow Leopard/Mac OS X is outdated and requires the user to update (if memory serves well it’s even a version with a seciruty bug).

    Why would Apple have to deliver the something to their clients which is not stable. Windows doesn’t ship with Java or Flash either and nobody gives a rat’s ass about it.

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