Avoid the Mad Rush! Submit your iPad Apps Now

Screen shot 2010 03 20 at 5.57.10 AM 490x296 Avoid the Mad Rush! Submit your iPad Apps Now

Come April 3, there will definitely be an influx of iPad applications trying to gain exposure on the iPad App Store.  So, if you are a developer and you want your apps to be among the iPad launch apps, you better start finalizing these apps now and submit it to Apple for approval. You only have until March 27 to ensure that your apps will be featured during the iPad launch on April 3, say Apple.

Apple has issued the following guidelines to help you with your plans of submitting your iPad applications:

  • Build and test your iPad application using iPhone SDK 3.2 beta 5 available on the iPhone Dev Center. Only iPad apps built with SDK 3.2 beta 5 will be accepted for this initial review.
  • Upload your distribution signed app through iTunes Connect by Saturday March 27, 5pm PDT.
  • The App Review Team will review your app on iPad and email you details about the readiness of your app.
  • You wil also receive additional information about submitting your app for final review before iPad ships.
  • Only apps submitted for the initial  review will be considered for the grand opening of the iPad App Store.

So there. You’ve got a whole week to prepare your applications and submit them to Apple for review. Since the it will only be a fews before the iPad App launch there’s a pretty big chance that your application will make it on time. I mean common, can Apple really review all the apps that will be submitted on March 27 thoroughly?

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  1. I think the March 27th is cutting it close. If an application were submitted March 27th, could it really be ready April 3 for launch? I would think that they would have to be submitted much earlier. It seems like Apple would have prepared much earlier with earlier deadline for something as big as the iPad launch don’t you think? That may not have been the smartest thing for them to do. But if they think that its workable, they know what they are doing.

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