Bing Creeps Me Out With Twitter Recommendations

bingtwittersuggest e1285015214427 Bing Creeps Me Out With Twitter RecommendationsAfter being thrashed by Google’s Instant search, it looks like Microsoft has come up with a new strategry in order to subplant the search engine king.

With Twitter growing to more than 145 million accounts, finding interesting people to follow can be difficult. People Recommendation on Bing Social helps you discover interesting and relevant Twitter users based on your searches. Whether someone is “Influential” and helping shape the conversation or “Popular” like a celebrity, the new Twitter User Recommendation feature helps to identify Twitterers related to your query. (Bing Community Blog)

Excluding the fact that Twitter already has a similar feature on, Bing’s tweet recommendation feature could help Microsoft challenge Google for search supremacy (the latter who owns the web).

A few users however may not enjoy have Bing! play tweet match maker based on search queries (as it does sound kinda creepy to have a search engine company “know” your tweet preferences).

Bing! has not indicated whether they will port this feature upon Yahoo! (which they recently assimilated), although as of right now there is no word on if they will include Facebook in the near future (which would give Bing! one leg up over its Google foe).

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  1. Hmmm, always a tricky one there with twitter. Some might like it, whilst others would enjoy the extra function of Bing!. Its down to how they handle it really, if something bad happens due to it on twitter, they will be in for a lot of trouble…

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