Bing To Twittersphere: Lets Save The Gulf

With the Gulf of Mexico fiasco spilling out of control (pun intended), the boys and girls at Bing have offered to help CNN raise funds for the media network’s telethon.

bingretweetgulf 490x219 Bing To Twittersphere: Lets Save The Gulf

Bing’s fundraising attempts mimic Tumblr’s previous efforts, the latter who became famous for changing their dashboard from blue to black unless a user donated to a specific charity.

Since retweeting costs nothing to the average user, Bing should easily raise $100,000 by the end of the week (if not within a few days) as their goal only requires 10,000 retweets.

Users clicking on Bing’s link will be direct towards Microsoft’s search engine (no surprise), which displays a link towards CNN’s Telethon.

Bing’s offer to donate $10 per retweet may inspire rivals to start similar campaigns (lest they be viewed upon as cold hearted by the twittersphere).

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  1. reading about the oil spill makes me so depressed, but reading this made me feel better. this is super amazing idea, I wish I could help other charities just by tweeting.


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