Bring Google Docs to your Desktop with MemeoConnect

Memeo, a private company known for providing both consumer and enterprise level digital file management solution, has just announced its partnership with Google. Not really a direct deal but something that will let you connect your desktop to Google Docs service.

Dubbed MemeoConnect for Google Apps, the service is being targeted towards Google Apps users particularly business corporations. Google’s Product Management Director Matthew Glotzbach describes MemeoConnect for Google as a “service that presents customers with an attractive option to integrate or migrate all of their files into Google Docs.

Drilling down to its features, MemeoConnect lets you:

  • access any files locally from any desktop,
  • edit your Google Docs files offline
  • easily and quickly import all your files into Google Docs
  • view files offline accurately
  • store previous versions of your files, locally

MemeoConnect for Google Apps of course requires Google Apps, specifically Google Apps Premier Edition account. It’s a paid subscription service and if you and your company are interested in using it, you may want to arrange for a trial period by visiting this link. AFAIK, the service is a paid one, so you better convince your IT Department to get into Google Apps and MemeoConnect, if you’re company is not yet into it.

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