E-Book Reader War Heats Up, Kindle on Target, Nook on Best Buy

Screen shot 2010 04 09 at 5.19.21 AM 490x347 E Book Reader War Heats Up, Kindle on Target, Nook on Best Buy

Again, it’s all about Apple and the iPad. Probably realizing that they need to push both their e-readers near to consumers some more, especially now that the iPad was proven to be a good competitor in the e-reader nice, Amazon and Nook are reportedly pushing their devices to brick and mortar stores.

And so the Kindle which is currently available only through Amazon.com will soon be making its way to Target.com. Engadget managed to score a shot of Target’s inventory handheld showing the Kindle device.  In addition, Target.com might start selling the e-book reader starting on April 25. Why it took Amazon this long to make its Kindle available on brick and mortar stores is not important anymore. What’s important is that casual buyers who chance upon it on Target’s store shelves might actually make an unplanned purchase of the Kindle.

As for Barnes & Noble’s Nook e-reader, another reliable source revealed that the Nook will be available on Best Buy brick-and-mortar stores. Curently, you can only score a Nook through Barnes & Noble online store or from Barnes & Noble outlets.  The proof was once again revelead by an inventory system, this time from Best Buy showing that B&N’s Nook will be available on Best Buy stores starting April 18.

What remains to be seen now is whether this will lead to an increase in both the sales figures of Nook and Kindle.  What we don’t know right now is how much these devices will be sold on stores. Will they be priced lower than their selling price online?

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