Facebook Launches a New Mobile Site, and it’s Free

ofacebook Facebook Launches a New Mobile Site, and its FreeIf you don’t own any of the smartphone including iPhone, Android phone, BlackBerry or Palm, chances are you’re accessing Facebook via its mobile site – m.facebook.com. The thing is, accessing this site incur you more data charges than when using native mobile phone Facebook apps. Enter “0.facebook.com” a fast and free mobile Facebook site.

This new mobile Facebook site was made possible with around 50 mobile carriers globally. So, it means that if you’re current mobile carrier is not one of those on the list you won’t be able to access the new mobile site for free. You can still access the old Facebook mobile site though but like I said, appropriate data charges will apply.

Feature-wise, 0.facebook.com will let you enjoy all the key features of the standard Facebook mobile site (m.facebook.com). You can update your status, view news feed, like or comment on posts, send and reply to messages or write on your friends’ walls.

As for viewing photos, the new mobile site will not display them but instead redirect you to another page so as not to slow down the viewing experience on the new mobile Facebook site.

So, check out the list below if you’re mobile carrier is included. Facebook promise to bring in other carriers soon.

facebookmobilesite 490x356 Facebook Launches a New Mobile Site, and its Free

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