FCC Joins Google, Caves In On Net Neutrality

fcclogo 297x300 FCC Joins Google, Caves In On Net NeutralityFor those of you in America hoping that the FCC would defy pressure from Congress and implement net neutrality without Google’s help may need a shoulder to cry upon as it looks like the government is officially giving up.

Mr. Genachowski said Wednesday his proposal would forbid major Internet broadband providers from secretly blocking or interfering with “lawful Internet traffic.”

But in a concession to broadband providers, the chairman’s new proposal, which will go before the rest of the├é┬ácommission on Dec. 21, would allow the industry to continue to charge higher rates for higher levels of access and gives the companies the right to continue to limit access as needed to better manage the demands on their networks.

The proposed new regulations also backed away from earlier plans to extend control over the mobile phone industry. (Washington Times)

Although Genachowski is attempting to spin this as some sort of positive development, truth be told it’s unlikely that event he watered down version of the bill will survive as it pleases no one (and will face attack from conservatives and progressives ensuring its death).

With even the mighty Google giving up on net neutrality, it looks like folks in the US will continue to be at the mercy of their carriers (assuming they have more than two choices available), which may lead to a more costly internet in the future instead of a more affordable one.

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