Final Fantasy Games Arrive on the Apps Store!

Final Fantasy fanboys, where are you?  If you’re currently waiting for the release of Final Fantasy XIII for the Playstation 3 you might want to go nostalgic first and play FF1 and FF2 on your iPhone or iPod Touch  to while away time. Yes, two of these two classic Final Fantasy games have just made it to the Apps Store and if you’re a die-hard FF fan and you’ve got $18  to spare, you can enjoy playing them again anytime, anywhere on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Each game will cost your $8.99 each and considering the current price of a Playstation game right now, I think the that price is a good deal. Well, if you’re a Final Fantasy fan. You have to be a true-blue FF fan to appreciate this game since you won’t get the same cool animation and graphics features of other iPhone or iPod Touch games from FF1 and FF2.

In case you’re not aware, the Final Fantasy franchise is one of the most popular role-playing games of all time.  It’s a turn-based strategy type of game that involves character building, finding items, completing quests and certainly more other fun and addicting game plays.

And the good news is, the FF1 and FF2 for the iPhone and iPod Touch have all those elements that we love from their console versions.

What’s exciting about this is the fact that this might just be the beginning. Hopefully, Square Ennix will bring in more FF games into the iPhone or iPod Touch. But to make them do that, let us support FF1 and FF2 first by getting the games from the Apps store. I’ve included the download link here. FF1 iTunes Link and  FF2 iTunes Link. Have fun!

Screen shot 2010 02 26 at 6.08.10 AM Final Fantasy Games Arrive on the Apps Store!

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