Hell Has Frozen Over When Google’s Parisian Love Ad for the Super Bowl Rolled Out

As rumored awhile ago, Google indeed run their own Super Bowl commercial right after the 3rd quarter of the games.  And staying true to what it has grown accustomed to doing, Google’s Super Bowl ad was very simple sans all the fanfare of other Super Bowl ads. Google was not advertising any upcoming product or gadget or anything but rather decided to show the power of its localized  search engine. Simple as it is, the ad was able to convey its message well and has probably endeared many who have watched it.

Actually Google’s ad dubbed “Parisian Love” is an old clip. It has been on YouTube for three months now. So, instead of coming up with an explosive ad which could have cost them a lot of money, like the other ads Google was able to save some money as well. Except for the $30 million fee that it has to pay for the highly coveted 30 seconds  Super Bowl slot.

In case you’ve missed it during the airing, the Google Super Bowl commercial started with a search for “study abroad in paris france” and ended with “how to make assemble a crib.”  Yup, it’s a love story  for crying out loud! It shows how Google search can be a part of everyone’s life.  Simple, straight forward and extra-ordinary way of telling a love story with the help of a search engine. You’ve got to give it to the Google folks for pulling this one out effectively.

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