Israel Bans the iPad Due to Strong Wireless Signal

If you’re travelling to Israel and plans to bring your iPad with you – don’t. Chances are you’re not going to get pass through airport securities as Israel has been blocking travelers from bringing the iPad into the country. The reason? – the iPad interferes with other wireless products in the country.

Many were actually puzzled by this move by the Israeli government, not only the folks at Silicon Valley but people in the Israel as well.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Israel’s Ministry of Communications officially banned the iPad from entering the country this week due to its strong Wi-Fi signal which the Ministry thinks will compete with other products built in Europe and Israel and have weaker Wi-Fi signals than the iPad. This is because the iPad was built-in U.S. standards.

“This device’s wireless strengths violate Israeli law and will overpower other wireless devices in Israel,” ministry spokesman Yechiel Shavi said.

Additionally, Mr. Shavi said that if Apple will release an iPad version built according to European wireless standards, then that’s the time that the iPad will be allowed in the country.

Reacting to this statement, an Apple spokeswoman said that the iPad complies with international industry standards for Wi-Fi specifications.  And that specifications covers Israel.

As of today, Israel local Custom authorities have confiscated 10 iPads from travellers who arrived in Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport where they were asked to pay for storage fees while they are in the country.

The decision also caused some wave of discontent among local Israel folks, especially those who wants to have the iPad.  These Israeli consumers are afraid that once again they will be left in envy of the rest of gadget loving consumers worldwide who will be enjoying Apple’s magical device.

So, if you’re travelling to Israel anytime now, it would be better to leave your iPad at home to avoid problems when entering the country.

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