LinkedIn Now Lets You Drag-and-Drop Sections of Your Profile

Responding to the request of  users, LinkedIn has just rolled out a new way of organizing your member profiles. The new feature lets you drag-and-drop different sections on your profile allowing you flexibility and more control on how your profile will be viewed by your current as well as your  potential contacts.

It lets you highlight skills, expertise and experiences, depending on which of these will make you you stand out. Some of the great things that you can do using this new LinkedIn feature include showcasing your work experiences or education or highlighting testimonials given by your business contacts, featuring a slideshow presentation or even synching your WordPress blog with your profile and providing your blog’s feed updates as well.

Best part of course is that you can do all these easily through drag-and-drop method. Just pick any section using  the handles of  the different profile sections from your LinkedIn’s “Edit Profile page”  and then drop it off the area in your profile where you want to place it. When you release the mouse, the section will be dropped to the designated area on your profile immediately.

This new feature follows the new browsing method for LinkedIn address book introduced recently. It’s a pretty cool really. And according to the LinkedIn blog, this is just the start of the many new features that will be released soon.


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