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Microsoft Deletes Blog For Leaking Windows 8?

With Microsoft giddy about the launch of Windows 7 Mobile in the fall, it looks like one of their employee’s was a little too excited and seems to have (accidentally?) posted early demos of Windows 8 upon a blog powered by Live Spaces.

Fortunately another blogger was able to retrieve a few screen shots for MS lovers everywhere before the Redmond giant shut down the blog.

One of the features is that the PC will automatically resume from sleep and log-in when it sees you. Microsoft calls this “My PC Knows Me” The idea is quite simple, most computers now come with a webcam built-in or have one connected to them. Microsoft will be using this camera for facial detection and along with a proximity sensor the algorithm behind it will do the rest. (via I’m Just Being Manan)

The new features gives a hint of Minority Report (minus the psychic police of course), although having a computer recognize your face and login accordingly would help Microsoft leap ahead of its competition (i.e. Apple and Google).

Unfortunately a feature like that may inspire hackers to simply create look-a-like masks in order to access all of your digital goods, so hopefully Microsoft includes a retina scan (not to mention voice recognition as well).

Here are a few more screen shots below for those who are curious about Microsoft’s plans for Windows 8.

(via Engadget)

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