Names Yahoo Sports Fantasy Baseball ’10 as Official Fantasy Game

Screen shot 2010 03 08 at 10.55.19 PM 490x216 Names Yahoo Sports Fantasy Baseball 10 as Official Fantasy Game

For those of you who are into fantasy sports league, specifically Fantasy Baseball, you might be interested to know that Yahoo Sports Fantasy Baseball ’10 has just been chosen as the official fantasy baseball game of This means that Yahoo Sports Fantasy Baseball ’10 will now be promoted on as well as on its online properties.

With the support of, Yahoo’s fantasy league hopes to deliver the most compelling experience for fantasy baseball players, or gamers seem to be the more appropriate term.  The deal would incude integrated in-game and post-game video highlights of the action on the Major League Baseball directly from the player’s homepage.

Yahoo Sports Fantasy Baseball ’10 gamers can now purchase’s new Fantasy Highlights package which would give them an opportunity to watch customized, in-game and post-game video highlights direct from their homepage.’s fantasy highlights package will be available for free-trial during the first two weeks of the MLB regular season.  The full season of MLB will be available for $9.95.

In addition, Yahoo Sports Fantasy Baseball ’10 will provide new live online auction draft application and free live scoring as well.  This will give MLB fans the ability to view live stats as well as instant scoring for teams or match ups. Users will also get real-time league standings straight to their homepage. senior vice president for business development, Kenny Gersh said that this product will suit fantasy baseball players’ growing appetites.

“Integrating this new highlights package with Yahoo!’s industry-leading fantasy baseball game will take fans beyond the box score to watch the performance of their fantasy roster as it unfolds on the field,” said Kenny Gersh.

With’s support, Yahoo now has three fantasy sports game which have been blessed by the game’s official league administrators.  Yahoo also has fantasy games for NHL and PGA.

Via Yahoo PR

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