Nokia N8 Comes Out of Hiding, Can it Save Nokia?

I’m not really saying that Nokia needs saving. Definitely not. It’s just that when it comes to the smartphone market, Nokia seemed to have lost its grip. The smartphone market is now dominated by either the iPhone, Android phones and Blackberry. Nokia needs something to make a scene in this part of the mobile industry. Can the Nokia N8 which was just officially announced with power-packed features give Nokia a boost?

To answer that, how about if we take a look at what Nokia’s latest smartphone has to offer. Quite frankly, Nokia N8′s features and specs are quite impressive, topped by the new Symbian^3 for its OS. This makes the N8 as the first Nokia handset to sport the said new platform.

Aside from Symbian^3, the Nokia N8 also wallops a 12 mp camera with Carl Zeiss optics and Xenon flash. Yes, dear readers we’re still talking about a mobile phone not a point-and-shoot digital camera.

Speaking of  camera, the N8′s powerful optics can also record high definition videos and then lets you edit them with a smart built-in editing suite preloaded on the phone.  The high-definition video suits well with the phone’s 3.5-inch HD capacitive touchscreen. And to make sure that you can watch your videos on your HDTV, the phone comes with a HDMI connector. Plus, the Nokia N8 can also be used as a portable entertainment centre wit Dolby Digital Plus surround sound and can be hooked into a dedicated Web TV application.

Of course, the Nokia N8 also supports Nokia’s Ovi services including maps and turn-by-turn walk and drive navigation.

There you go – Nokia’s latest arsenal ready to go full battle with other smartphones available in the market today? Does it stand a chance?  We’re really hoping so.

The Nokia N8 debuts on Q3 2010 for around 370 Euro. No words yet on which mobile carrier will be adopting it for release to the U.S. market. A really nice high-res photo of the Nokia N8 awaits you after the break.Nokia N8 04 Nokia N8 Comes Out of Hiding, Can it Save Nokia?

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