Out: Google TV, In: Microsoft TV?

microsoft Out: Google TV, In: Microsoft TV?It looks like Microsoft is no longer going to sit on the sidelines and watch Apple and Google eat up the TV market all too themselves.

Apparently the software giant is attempting to invade the TV space, but unlike their rivals (or rather Google), Microsoft may actually be able to conquer this market.

Microsoft has reportedly entered into talks with media companies like Disney and HBO to offer a pay television service through its device platform, including the XBox 360, but possibly extending to other devices like Windows 7 PCs and even Windows Phone 7 devices. Although no official comments or announcements have been made, Reuters reports that Microsoft has put several options on the table, including enabling customers to pick what premium television channels they want in an a la carte manner—something cable customers have been demanding for years, but have never received. But TV fans shouldn’t hold their breath: the service, if it materializes, could be as much a a year away. (Digitrends)

Instead of creating a whole new device to hook up to your TV, Microsoft is taking the shrewed path by utilizing both Xbox 360 as well as Windows Phone 7.

While the Xbox integration is a no brainer, allowing smartphone users to view television upon their phone could give Microsoft another edge over its Android and iOS rivals (note: the iPhone does have apps that provide a similar service, although truth be told the app is rather sub par).

Although the company has refused to confirm or deny the rumors surround the Microsoft TV reports, they may want to consider “speeding up” the process before Apple decides to redouble their efforts in the television arena.

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