Video: Windows 7 Smartphone Copies iPhone (Still Ugly)

widows phone 72 150x150 Video: Windows 7 Smartphone Copies iPhone (Still Ugly)Despite being late to the smartphone game, it looks like Microsoft’s Windows 7 smartphone could make a strong entrance into the smartphone arena, despite the crowded field.

While the mobile OS looks highly functional (in some ways more than Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android, especially in the social networking department), the overall layout of the OS remains an eye sore as one can tell from the video below.

While one will notice the obvious support for double tap as well as multitouch (which apparently everyone is copying from the iPhone), there is no mention on whether Microsoft will incorporate multitasking within the device.

Tying the phone with Xbox should help Microsoft combat Apple (who remains the leader in mobile gaming), although thus far Windows 7 appears to be a greater threat to Blackberry rather than Apple or Android (sorry Microsoft).

Microsoft has not released a firm time table of when we will see a Windows 7 Phone, although rumors are pointing towards late 2011.

(via MobileCrunch and IntoMobile)

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  1. I agree the interface is ugly, but enough about copying the iPhone – get over it already. Apple didn’t invent half the iPhone features they claim to have.


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