Windows 7 Mobile: Remember, Remember The Month Of October

microsoft logo Windows 7 Mobile: Remember, Remember The Month Of OctoberIt looks like Microsoft has establish a semi-firm time table of when the world will see the first Windows 7 Mobile device, and as far as we can tell it will definitely launch on or before Halloween.

The demo comes down to 3 features of the OS: Applications as ads, being able to pin these applications as live tiles to the start screen and get updates and continuing engagement with the user there, and “toast” which appears to be notifications application developers (which in AdApps will be the advertisers) will be able to send to the end user. [...]

Also unrelated but of note is that Mich Mathews,  Microsoft VP for Marketing again confirmed an October date for the launch of Windows Phone 7[.] (

With iPhone 4 drowning out the noise of every other mobile device save Android, it looks like Microsoft’s strategy of launching MS stores right next to Apple stores may actually pay off in the near future.

Although Windows 7 Mobile’s success will largely depend upon its app store (not to mention convincing developers to abandon Android and iOS for Microsoft), it is probably doubtful that users will ditch the iDevice or Android in favor of the Redmond giant (as the fanboyism will keep them loyal).

However Microsoft’s entrance into the smartphone wars will not bode well for Nokia, RIM (of Blackberry fame) or HP’s new Palm acquisition, as developers may focus their attention away from the “small fish” in order to create apps strictly for the three tech giants.

(via MobileCrunch and Engadget)

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