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Microsoft To Windows 6 Lovers: The End Is Near

Despite experiencing less than stellar sales, Microsoft is committed to Windows Phone 7 which they believe is their ticket towards combating the rise of Android (which ironically is making more money for them than WP7). As far as Windows 6.x devices ...


Google To Challenge iPhone 5 With Nexus 4G?

Even though Android has already proven itself by dominating the smartphone market, Google has yet to realize a single Android device that can match iPhone sales. That could potentially change as Google is rumored to unveil the Nexus 4G phone, which ...


Will Nokia Sue Android?

Apparently Apple isn’t invincible after all as it looks like the dying brand known as Nokia has actually beaten the Cupertino giant at something. Apple has settled a lawsuit with Nokia, infusing the company with some fresh cash as well as ...

Can Blackberry Make A Comeback?

Despite releasing a decent Blackberry smartphone as well as a tablet that is out selling everyone save iPad 2, investors do not seem to be pleased with RIM overall. “We believe RIM has now squandered nearly every opportunity and competitive ...


Android: Toshiba Thrive Trying To Undercut iPad 2?

After watching Motorola’s more expensive iPad 2 rival fail spectacularly, Toshiba is attempting to attract consumer attention by selling their Android tablet below the $500 price point erected by Apple. Toshiba is selling their Android tablet ...