Recipe Search Engine Opens Up New Dimension to Cooking

Recipe Finder Home Page 460x312 Recipe Search Engine Opens Up New Dimension to Cooking

Recipe Finder Home Page

A new player has entered the search engine arena, and it goes by the name of Recipe Finder. As the name implies, the new search engine focuses on recipes and opens up a veritable treasure trove for those who love to fiddle in the kitchen. Recipe Finder holds the distinction of being the largest recipe search engine in existence. It boasts a whopping 1.7 million recipes and 700,000 images – or thereabouts.

It does not plan on stopping at those figures, though. The search engine continues to index some of the most trusted recipe web sites one can find. As such, the database is an ever expanding collection of recipes. For now, the site indexes around 250 recipe web sites, but it is to be expected that the number grows with time as well. [Read more...]

3 Must-Have Android Applications for Aviators

You might be an experienced pilot or you might be studying to become one very soon, either way, there is an Android smartphone application that will make your life as an aviator an easier and a more enjoyable one.

The Android application market is fast busy catering for every available market out there and this includes the aviation industry as well. Here are some of the 3 more practical Android apps for pilots that you will currently find.

Study Buddy (Commercial Pilot)

 3 Must Have Android Applications for Aviators

When you are studying to be a commercial pilot and you are busy preparing for the FAA written tests, the Study Buddy (Commercial Pilot) will help you with your preparations. It is like no other study tool that you have ever seen. It has three modes that you can operate with, which is Learning mode, Flashcards and Simulated tests. [Read more...]

Android Ice Cream Sandwich vs BlackBerry OS 7

Android Blackberry 300x219 Android Ice Cream Sandwich vs BlackBerry OS 7In the near future both Google and RIM will each offer new versions of their portable device operating systems. Google will introduce Android Ice Cream, an OS that integrates all the best features from previous builds into one powerful software. RIM, meanwhile, will update its BlackBerry OS to version 7, an update that many believe will be able to stand toe to toe with the popular Android. In order to separate truth from conjecture, we decided to compare the two operating systems to see which comes out ahead.

Web Experience
No longer content with keeping pace with its competitors, RIM has fully upgraded its browser with support for HTML5 and Flash. Furthermore, the tailored made Just in Time javascript engine renders HTML much faster than its predecessors. In fact, benchmarks have shown that the BlackBerry OS 7 outperforms the iOS, Windows Phone 7, and Android in loading web pages.

Android Ice Cream also provides a faster experience than its predecessor, Gingerbread. Flash and HTML5 content load quickly, with easily manageable tabs. The fact that it still runs slower than the BlackBerry OS 7 is a testament to RIM’s development team. [Read more...]

Samsung to begin paying royalties to Microsoft

samsung android logos 300x285 Samsung to begin paying royalties to MicrosoftSamsung’s legal troubles from its competitors – most notably Apple, seems to be taking its toll on the company, and seems to be losing its spark to fight some legal battles that are in its way. Samsung just recently announced that it will begin paying royalties to Microsoft for every single Android device it sells, whether it is a phone or a tablet. The agreement was reached between the two parties so that the patent infringement lawsuit Microsoft is filing against Samsung will be withdrawn.

This is not the first royalty agreement Microsoft has entered with a company regarding the sale of Android devices. Microsoft has forged the same agreement with other Android device manufacturers, the most notable of these is with HTC, which is the other company that produces much of the Android devices on the market.

The decision to agree to a royalty payment is to keep Microsoft from suing these companies. Microsoft claims that no Android device they have seen has not infringed on any of Microsoft’s patents. The most crucial element in the suit though is not being made to the public – that is, what Microsoft patents are Android device manufacturers violating. Even though no one knows what (the exact patent infringements are not being made public) these Android manufacturers are violating, Microsoft’s previous lawsuits against Linux for precisely the same charges may shed a little light on the issue because Android is based on the Linux OS.

It’s ironic that Microsoft, which has shown how much it dislikes the Android OS entering the market, is also earning from its existence and success.

Car Theft Tweets?

twitter 300x237 Car Theft Tweets?Surry Police are using everything at their disposal to combat car crimes, including the microblogging website Twitter. The English county believes the social media behemoth can be used to apprehend automobile thieves and vandals and prevent future offenses. It can also likely be used as a theft deterrent.

For a one-week period the police department will use Twitter to announce any car crime that comes into its contact center. By putting information in the hands of the public, the county hopes average citizens will take an active interest in cleaning up their streets.

Car theft

Car theft is one of the most common crimes reported to police in nearly every corner of the world. In the US alone, more than 1 million vehicles are stolen every year. This startling statistic doesn’t include minor car crimes like vandalism, which make up a significant amount of dispatcher calls. [Read more...]

Smartphone that detects radiation levels to come out soon

radiation 300x300 Smartphone that detects radiation levels to come out soonJapan is in the midst of getting back on its feet after a devastating earthquake and tsunami that destroyed large parts of the country. The catastrophe also created further problems like the nuclear power plant that got damaged and threatened to meltdown. [Read more...]

First Impressions of Spotify

spotify 300x208 First Impressions of SpotifyAs many of us music lovers may have realized by now, Spotify has entered the US. Spotify is a DRM-based music streaming service. Spotify, instantly gives me a flashback to my days of Napster. It has similar qualities, although the look is different, and they are also taking a different approach. Spotify requires no downloading, and your favorite song is just a click away. Instantly, I notice some pro’s and cons of using Spotify.

After submitting my email, a few days later I got invite. I am glad that I waited, since I almost immediately purchased the Pro version. I usually like to try out the products I am using before I make any purchase, especially when it comes to music applications. Spotify was an easy download, doesn’t seem to affect my computer too much, and has a nice looking icon that sits in my dock. The design looks like a mixture between old school Napster, and iTunes. Overall, I think it looks good. It is very simple to navigate, and I pretty much picked up on the all features within a few minutes. The best part about Spotify is the immense library they have to offer. You can search virtually any song you can think of, and start  playing instantly. Of course this music is streaming, so you do not worry about download times and taking up space on your computer with large libraries of music. Spotify will actually load all of your music stored in local files as an extenuation of your music listening experience. Very cool! Spotify lets you have your own library and if you are feeling sick of your own music, with the click of a button you can have virtually any song that you like. This makes Spotify a very dynamic music program. [Read more...]

Adobe Flash 11 and its future

flash Adobe Flash 11 and its futureIn a few weeks Adobe will be releasing both the Adobe Flash Player 11 and Adobe Air to the market. Adobe has been advertising the new products as being significantly more powerful than previous versions, even going so far as describing it as a game console for the web. Adobe claims that the increase in graphics is almost 1,000 times faster than the previous version of Flash Player and Adobe Air.

But Adobe, as any tech savvy person knows, is also caught in a fight for its survival. Even though Flash Player and Adobe Air are quite commonly installed in PCs, Apple has removed Flash from the iOS platform and also on Macs. And another sign that does not bode well for Adobe is the recent announcement by Microsoft that the new version of Internet Explorer that will be included with the forthcoming Windows 8 Metro environment will not be supporting browser plugins – the entry point for Flash in a browser.

With slowly shrinking support and the threat being posed by HTML 5, will Adobe’s Flash still have a future especially in a post-PC age?
If Adobe will be asked, the company thinks that Flash still has a bright future for it. It has already called Flash Player 11 and also Air 3 the “next generation for the web”. This is quite a lofty claim. [Read more...]

iPhone trade-ins rising in anticipation of iPhone 5 release

iphone 5 300x169 iPhone trade ins rising in anticipation of iPhone 5 releaseYou know anticipation for the iPhone 5 is reaching a fever pitch when people are beginning to dump their old iPhones.

This is the trend Gazelle, a trade-in service, has been noticing over the last few days. It has noticed a dramatic increase in the number of iPhone users trading in their phones. The main reason is universal – they are anticipating the announcement for the iPhone 5 during the first week of October.

This kind of behavior is really indicative of the level of anticipation Apple and iPhone lovers are experiencing over the rumored iPhone 5. Gazelle reported that it has experienced an 84 percent rise in trade-ins for various models of the iPhone, compared to the trade-in levels for the product about two weeks ago. The rise in trade-ins is made the more significant by the fact that there is still no solid indications on whether Apple will release information about the iPhone 5 for October, which is generally believed as the month Apple will unveil new products in its lineup. [Read more...]

Google Wallet: How it works

google wallet 284x300 Google Wallet: How it worksGoogle has been consistently coming out with a lot of new products that have met with a lot of success. One of the most ambitious Google projects to be unveiled to the public is Google Wallet, which could be considered a highly effective payment platform using smartphones. So how does Google Wallet work?

Google Wallet uses an embedded near-field communications or NFC chip that allows users to use their credit cards, debit cards, coupons, store loyalty cards and other payment or discount products without having to physically use the card. With the use of the NFC chip, all the user needs to do is to use their smartphone and tap it onto a payment receiver to initiate and complete the transaction. Bigtime brands like Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express have already thrown their support for Google Wallet and will become part of the whole Google Wallet system. [Read more...]