Sony To Phase Out Feature Phones, Will Exclusively Make Smartphones

Sony Ericsson Logo 300x213 Sony To Phase Out Feature Phones, Will Exclusively Make SmartphonesA few weeks back, we reported that Sony is planning to go it alone as a mobile phone manufacturer and have plans of buying the shares of Ericsson and effectively end the Sony-Ericsson partnership.

Now that Sony has made good on its plans and is now the sole owner of the Sony Ericsson phone company, the electronics manufacturer is now preparing new plans as it moves forward. The latest news from the Sony camp is that it will begin phasing out its feature phones and concentrate solely on smartphones in the future. [Read more...]

How To Save Gmail Attachments Directly To Google Docs Without Downloading

Google – one of the most popular search engine that has everything in the world you want to search for. Everything means almost anything – be it rental movies shops, searching for your thesis work, searching restaurants, ATM machines near your locality, case studies, article on various topics and much more you can imagine.

Image1 460x242 How To Save Gmail Attachments Directly To Google Docs Without Downloading

Google is not only famous as search engine but also known for providing some awesome services and tools just for free to all its users. Some of the known services that you might use every day are Gmail, Google Reader, Google News, Adsense, Adwords, Webmaster tools, Google Earth, Google Maps and many more. My most favorite service is Google Voice which I am using from almost more than year and setup my office phone through Google voice number that is working flawless. [Read more...]

HTC Announces Free 5GB Cloud Storage via Dropbox

htc dropbox 300x298 HTC Announces Free 5GB Cloud Storage via DropboxHTC has made it more enticing to buy one of its Android phones over others. The company, the leading Android phone manufacturer in the world, has announced that it has partnered with Dropbox to provide free cloud storage for HTC phone users.

With the partnership, HTC now offers its phone users 5GB of free cloud storage. The new add-on for HTC phones was announced in HTC’s official Facebook page. The official statement explained that all Android phones from HTC will now come pre-installed with 5GB of storage. [Read more...]

Gmail to Introduce New Design

gmail redesign Gmail to Introduce New DesignIt’s not only Facebook that has been on a mission to revamp its look. Google is apparently working on reworking Gmail’s look. This was revealed when someone accidentally leaked a video that showed the upcoming Gmail updates.

In the video, Google user experience designer Jason Cornwell talked about the updates. He said Gmail was given a “completely redesigned look and feel.” The aim was to make Gmail as “clean, simple, and intuitive as possible.

Here are the updates and changes you will see from Gmail soon: [Read more...]

Google Voice App Finally Back To iTunes Fixing iOS5 Crash Bug

Google Voice is one of the most wonderful innovations of Google. It is an incredible telecommunication service provided by Google and was launched on March 11, 2009. This incredible service is being used by over 1.4 million users all over the world and the number is rising continuously. The users increased dramatically since Google made it available for all Gmail subscribers by altering the Voice Service from invite only.

google voice 1 Google Voice App Finally Back To iTunes Fixing iOS5 Crash Bug

The user can configure and maintain this ultimate service of Google in a web based application easily. It can be configured through Gmail service, Android app or by the iOS app. Google voice provides free voice and video calling from PC to PC worldwide. All you need to avail this remarkable service is a Gmail account and a Google voice/video chat plugin. This plugin is available for Linux; Intel based Mac OS X and Windows. [Read more...]

Why Android OS Is Still Better Than iOS5?

Apple’s latest update iOS5 has created a great buzz in the entire mobile industry. Some of the mobile phone fanatics claim that it is just a catch-up to the offerings already provided by Android. Some gadgets experts even declare the Samsung Galaxy S II is the best android Smartphone in the market.

On the other hand the Apple fanatics are no ways ready to agree that Android is better that iOS5. This competition between world’s two most popular operating systems will get fiercer day by day. The head to head comparisons between the gadgets running on these two OS will give more innovative and advanced gadgets to the world. In this short editorial we will discuss why Android is still considered better that iOS5.

Excellent voice commands

voice command in android 460x273 Why Android OS Is Still Better Than iOS5?

If you have used the barking voice commands of the Android Smartphone, you will come to know that iOS voice commands are very limited. The voice commands in the android Smartphone is fabulous, right from the searching to executing the commands, everything is magnificent. You can dictate your email as well as the text messages with your Android Smartphone. Just speaking to your Smartphone you can actually get directions also. The music by voice option in iPhone is just limited to the iPod app whereas in the Android Smartphone, the listen to command allows you load to the third party music apps like Pandora, Shazam, etc. [Read more...]

Nokia Windows Phones to Be Announced Next Week

nokia wp7 phone 300x263 Nokia Windows Phones to Be Announced Next WeekNokia has been taking a beating in the world market the last few years. The mobile phone manufacturer was once the top dog in the mobile phone industry. But its failure to adapt to changes in the mobile phone preferences of consumers – mainly from the typical mobile phones to smartphones – has resulted in a dwindling market share. In fact, the situation has gotten to a point where it is leaving certain markets because of poor sales. For example, Nokia has basically left Japan and it also hasn’t released any new phones in the United States for the last couple of years. [Read more...]

Motorola announces Droid Razr, The Thinnest Android Phone

razr 300x230 Motorola announces Droid Razr, The Thinnest Android PhoneIt’s long been reported that Motorola keeps getting different “Razr” related domain names even though it hasn’t released any new phones in ages. The domain name acquisition obviously means the company is planning on releasing new phones in the future and that time is now as Motorola has announced a new Razr phone.

The Motorola Droid Razr is an Android powered smartphone that is supposedly smartphone in the world, measuring just 7.1mm in thickness. [Read more...]

iOS vs. Android Development

Android iOS 300x189 iOS vs. Android DevelopmentThe two headliners of the smartphone platform are Android and iOS. These two have reached ahead of the competition for numerous reasons and are the most sought after in the market. Moreover, numerous Apps are available for both these platforms. Although, between the two of them, it is not that difficult to find a winner.  Let us explore the different development features of both platforms:

Apps Writing

To develop apps for iOS and list them on the App store is very expensive. It costs about $99 per year and you have to adhere to some strict rules and regulation put in place by Apple. Your app also has to pass a screening process before it can be released Developing apps for the Android Phone is comparatively cheaper and less restricted by rules. Google simple takes a $25 flat fee to shelf your apps, plus an extra $20 if you plan to charge for its usage. Android has a larger market, meaning other app stores are visible for you to display your wares. [Read more...]

RIM Offers Freebies To Appease Irate Subscribers

blackberry logo1 300x225 RIM Offers Freebies To Appease Irate Subscribers The global service outage that happened to the Blackberry network that lasted for several days to a week recently was not just a disaster in terms of service for Research in Motion, the company behind the Blackberry, it also created a huge public relations problem for the company, putting it in an extremely bad light. The people at RIM realizes that this is indeed a big public image problem for the company and is trying to find ways to appease irate Blackberry users. [Read more...]