44 Percent of Phones in The US Are Now Smartphones

smartphones 300x199 44 Percent of Phones in The US Are Now SmartphonesSmartphones have exploded in such a huge way. It is now the hottest selling phone type in the world and is slowly but surely replacing feature phones are the preferred choice of phone users. Market research firm Nielsen has proven this trend with its recent report. Nielsen’s latest Mobile Media Report, which covers the third quarter of 2011, reveals that nearly 44 percent of all the phones being used in the United States now are smartphones.

The report also showed the level of market penetration of smartphones. It is highest among young adults, with about 64 percent of people aged between 25 and 34 using smartphones. About 53 percent of people aged between 18 and 24 also use smartphones.

Most of the other findings and figures in the report lend more strength to the increased influence of smartphones in the users’ lives. For example, smartphone users love to put more apps or content on their devices. About 62 percent of smartphone users have downloaded aps, with video games being the most used category of apps being used – kind of obvious given the huge amount of people I see playing Angry Birds all over the place. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the most played video game on smartphones IS Angry Birds.

Mobile video is also getting more and more traction among smartphone users with 26 million users watching some kind of mobile video for the third quarter of 2011 alone. Compare to just 16 million a year ago. This 60 percent jump in mobile video usage could mean that this is one smartphone feature that is going to become a huge hit in the next couple of years.

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