Android Playing “Cat And Mouse” With Dog Fighting Game

kgdogfightingapp 490x275 Android Playing Cat And Mouse With Dog Fighting Game

Despite the fact that any developer can upload an app to Android Market without having it verified by a tribunal (which explains why Android boasts more apps than anyone save iOS), Google does at times remove offensive apps.

One app entitled “Dog Wars” (a game where players engage in virtual dog fights) was previously removed by Google after animal rights organizations expressed outrage over the app.

Unfortunately it seems like the app is back again, although this time under a new name.

The controversial Dog Wars app has been renamed KG Dogfighting and is back up on the Android Marketplace. [...]

A Google representative said the application was “removed based on a trademark infringement complaint” but did not immediately say whether the app would be sold again if those issues were resolved. Google did not immediately respond to questions about the game’s renaming. (L. A. Now)

While the deplorable app’s reappearance underscores Android’s value in freedom of expression, its existence could dissuade parents from choosing an Android powered smartphone and instead select a rival device (like Windows Phone 7 or an iPhone).

Google might want to consider altering their terms of service and banning apps like these, as the last thing they need is bad press for their mobile OS.

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