As The Age Of Android Begins, Symbian Cries In The Dark

androidcanalys 490x305 As The Age Of Android Begins, Symbian Cries In The Dark

After dominating North America in spite of iOS, Android has supplanted another mobile OS giant in order to steal the crown as the king of the mobile verse.

Canalys today published its final Q4 2010 global country-level smart phone market data, which revealed that Google’s Android has become the leading platform. Shipments of Android-based smart phones reached 32.9 million, while devices running Nokia’s Symbian platform trailed slightly at 31.0 million worldwide. But Nokia did retain its position as the leading global smart phone vendor, with a share of 28%. [...]

In Q4 2010, volumes of Google OS-based smart phones (Android, OMS and Tapas) were again boosted by strong performances from a number of vendors, notably LG, Samsung, Acer and HTC, whose volumes across these platforms grew 4,127%, 1,474%, 709% and 371% respectively year-on-year. HTC and Samsung together accounted for nearly 45% of Google OS-based handset shipments. (Canalys Research)

While this is great news for Google, Canalys analysis of the North American market remains mixed, as they suspect that the upcoming Verizon iPhone may slow down Android’s advance in the US.

Although it’s probably inevitable that Android’s dominance is too great for even Steve Jobs to thwart, Google’s mobile OS has yet to become a hit amongst the premium app crowd.

Unless something catastrophic happens to Android (i.e. Oracle wins their lawsuit against Google), we will probably see a future in which the majority of phones are powered by Android, with other players (iOS, Bada, Windows Phone, etc.) fighting for the scraps on the side.

(Hat Tip: Android Central)

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