Best Of The Smartphones – Android vs iPhone 4

Android phones have been quickly catching up with iPhones in the mobile market and are now considered their main contender. Below is an infographic comparing the success in the high street  and the pros and cons of each handset for the first half of 2011.


anvsip complete Best Of The Smartphones   Android vs iPhone 4

Thanks to Infographiclabs for visualising this data.

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  1. Almost every phone released nowadays runs a version of the Android OS and their configuration is starting to equal or be better than most of last year’s laptops. More programs that were previously only for the PC are now Mobile and this new “trend” is only at its early stages.

    Among all the programs and applications released for the wonderful Android Phones we all come to love and trust are some hateful and untrustworthy ones that would love nothing more than to destroy everything you hold dear ( or just all the contents of the phones memory ).

  2. thanks for share!

  3. Adoro me mostrar peladinha na web cam


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