Best Phone Apps for Your First Date

first date 300x300 Best Phone Apps for Your First DateAre the first-date jitters bugging you? Do not worry – there is a myriad of phone apps out there to assist you on the dangerous road to love.

Going to the movies

Most people choose to go to a movie on the first date. It is a good way to ease into a potential relationship – you do not need to communicate, you can just sit and watch and maybe hold hands in the dark. This is a pleasant experience no matter your age. What is more, having similar tastes is a prerequisite for a successful relationship. With the app Rotten Tomatoes by Flixster you can find movie theatres in the area and see what’s on at the box office. You can also avoid bad movies by reading the movie ratings.

Finding restaurants and pubs

If you plan to take your date to a restaurant after going to the movies, one application to check is Yelp. Many of us have felt stuck about where to go on the first fateful date. Yelp can be used to find places to eat, drink, relax and have fun. You will also have access to reviews from locals. You can search by neighborhood, price, distance and what is open at the moment. You can add make reservations on OpenTable, and find the addresses and phone numbers for any number of establishments, after which you can call or map them from your iPhone.

Restaurants for those who are picky

For those who are picky about where they eat, Urbanspoon is an app for iPhone that gives you info about the best restaurants in the area. You can also see recommendations from friends and locals.

Discounted drinks and other promotional offers

Another eatery app you can use is Peekaboo. You can look at maps on your iPhone and look at all the food joints within fifty miles. More specifically, you can look at promotional offers in the vicinity, such as free appetizers or discounted drinks. You can get the voucher for the promo just by showing the cashier your cell phone.

Finding a restaurant using GPS

You can also use GPS to find the closest restaurant in the area, search and browse local food joints, and filter your search by neighborhood, cuisine, or price. You can compare eateries with friends, read reviews and ratings from bloggers, newspapers, and other clients and more. This way you can’t go wrong with the place you pick for your first date with the person of your dreams!

Setting up a fake call

What about if your first date does not turn out as you planned, despite you finding the perfect venue and so on? This is when you can use the app Fake calls. If you are bored and want to leave, you can use the app to set up a fake call at a certain time and use it as an excuse to leave. This app works with iPhone and costs just $.99 cents.

Finding a cab

Finally, if you need a cab for your date Taxi Magic! is the app for you. It automatically locates your location and gives you a list of all the cabs in the area, from which you can request a pick-up, and then tells you when it will come.

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