Google Preparing To Roll Out “Super WiFi?”

googlelogo 300x111 Google Preparing To Roll Out Super WiFi?The search engine giant has just been granted approval by the FCC to help administer the next generation of wireless services which could compliment Google fiber.

Today we’re one step closer to a world with “super Wi-Fi.” In an order released yesterday afternoon, the FCC conditionally designated nine companies, including Google, as administrators for a white spaces database and outlined some important ground rules for its operation.

Just last fall the Commission adopted final technical rules on white spaces – the unused, public airwaves that we believe will lead to the next generation of wireless technologies. Before inventors can start to introduce new products and services on these airwaves, the FCC must certify the white spaces databases, which will ensure that different wireless signals don’t interfere with each other. (Google Public Policy Blog)

While it probably will take up to a few years for Google (along with the other companies) to thoroughly test out the spectrum, controlling the white spaces will help ensure that Google’s first vision of net neutrality (before they were blinded by Verizon) has a fighting chance for survival in the future.

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