HTC Announces Free 5GB Cloud Storage via Dropbox

htc dropbox 300x298 HTC Announces Free 5GB Cloud Storage via DropboxHTC has made it more enticing to buy one of its Android phones over others. The company, the leading Android phone manufacturer in the world, has announced that it has partnered with Dropbox to provide free cloud storage for HTC phone users.

With the partnership, HTC now offers its phone users 5GB of free cloud storage. The new add-on for HTC phones was announced in HTC’s official Facebook page. The official statement explained that all Android phones from HTC will now come pre-installed with 5GB of storage.

The news doesn’t come as a surprise anymore since tech website Pocket Lint already reported last month that Dropbox will be preinstalled in the latest version of HTC’s Android skin – Sense 3.5. The only surprise with the official announcement is that the complimentary cloud storage will be made available to all HTC handset users.

At present, Dropbox offers 2GB of free storage to anyone who signs up for its cloud service. This storage capacity can be increased by paying for a monthly subscription – 50GB of storage is worth $9.99 a month, while 100GB will set you back $19.99 monthly. On the one hand, the Dropbox-HTC agreement does give HTC users a certain level of upgraded features with the increased storage capacity. But the Dropbox service is not technically limited to HTC users because the cloud storage service is also offered to other mobile users.

What the agreement does, however, is present Apple with competition with its recently released iCloud cloud storage service. In the long-term this competition in the cloud storage arena will only benefit the end user. At some point in the future, internal storage may lessen in importance as data storage shifts from the device to the cloud.

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