Is Windows Phone 7 A Flop?

windowsphone7image Is Windows Phone 7 A Flop?That is the question on every mobile geeks mind right now after a report came out from an analyst projecting horrific sales of Windows Phone 7.

Despite selling 1.5 million phones to carriers, consumers apparently are not flocking towards the device (making Microsoft’s wonder phone a flop).

But what are the sales over the same period to end-users? Minus the donated phones and provided to its employees. Let’s assume that figure my personal assessment, that there were no official investigations and persecutions of the staff Microsoft. So, Fasten. By my estimate retail sales totaled 674,000 units. (Mobile Review, note: translated from Russian to English)

Seeing that this news is from an analyst one should always take information like this with a grain of salt (as truthfully no one really knows how many phones were sold outside of Microsoft).

However Microsoft could help clear up the confusion if they would simply release their activation numbers to the public (a method which Apple and Google both use to measure OS popularity).

Hopefully the company will consider releasing some hard numbers in the future, as the last thing Microsoft needs is shadowy rumors dragging the image of Windows Phone 7 down (which could hurt their image amongst developers).

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  1. georgy22 says:

    It’s now almost July and windows phone sales are on a quick decline. If MS doesn’t have a very quick turnaround and a massive increase in sales WP7 will soon go the way of Vista and ME.

    Frankly the ONLY reason MS is still in the game is the massive amount of $$$$ MS has spent on promoting the platform. Any other company would have gone bankrupt by now. Only MS stubbornness and money has allowed WP7 to last this long. MS must be really desperate to sink this much money into a failed platform.

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