Ex-Microsoft VP Blaming Others For Windows Phone 7 Failures?

blamedemotivationalposter 490x349 Ex Microsoft VP Blaming Others For Windows Phone 7 Failures?

As an iOS fan boy I’ll be the first to admit that Windows Phone 7 (or WP7 for short) is an impressive OS.

In fact every single one of my friends (both geeks and non-geeks) who have tried a WP7 device have become addicted to it, with a few ditching Android in order to partake of it’s glory.

That said, this former Microsoft VP’s behavior of blaming others for poor sales is at best pathetic.

Robert McLaws, a former Microsoft VP for ASP.NET and Windows, on the other hand, wants to prevent Windows phones from becoming retro cool. So he has created a site called Windows Phone Tattletale that places the blame for Microsoft’s lack of telephonic success firmly into the untrustworthy bosom of retailers. (CNET)

McLaws strategy of attacking the retailers selling your phones is honestly a dumb idea, as that will only encourage further resentment of WP7 devices (assuming the reports of bias against WP7 are true).

But even if their was bias against Windows Phone 7 (which is possible as many retailers have personal preferences), Microsoft needs to invest in enlightening the public regarding WP7 by telling users what distinguishes WP7 from rivals.

Perhaps if Microsoft devoted more money towards showing us what WP7 can do (i.e. Xbox games, information tiles, business suite software, etc.) instead of bashing smartphone addicts they may actually sell a million devices a month.

Instead of attacking retailers for not going the extra distance, it would be wiser for fans of Microsoft to demand separate displays that prominently showcase WP7 devices to the public (as well as knowledgeable reps to explain WP7′s best features).

However if Microsoft follows McLaws lead by attacking the hands that sell Windows Phone 7, then their precious OS will join MeeGo and ultimately fade away towards extinction.

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Update: Corrected article to reflect that McLaws does not speak for Microsoft.

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  1. Perhaps attributing the actions of Robert McLaws to Microsoft is more than a little inaccurate? Furthermore, identifying stores that actively try to dissuade shoppers who actually want a Windows Phone from buying one (which is what Robert’s site does) is a far cry from placing ” the blame for Microsoft’s lack of telephonic success firmly into the untrustworthy bosom of retailers.” Finally, including Microsoft’s actual response to the retail sales issue of educating sales staff, as identified in a recent PCMAG.com article (http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2386862,00.asp), probably would have been a good idea too. While carrier and/or salesperson bias probably is impacting WP7 sales the larger issue is that WP7 just isn’t competitive enough yet. WP7 is pretty and it does have some nifty features, but that doesn’t make up for the lackluster hardware and missing features. I hope that Mango & Nokia will fix this.

  2. Thanks “Guest.” Corrected article to reflect that fact. IMHO WP7 already boasts impressive hardware thanks to HTC and Samsung (I’m not holding out much hope for Nokia here as they have yet to release anything).

    I think Microsoft should take a few cues from Apple when it comes to marketing, which could help bring more light to the strengths of WP7. That and allowing users to update over WiFi instead of through their carriers.

  3. Same guest here. I use a Samsung Focus. It would have been nice to see it or any another WP7 phone launch with a newer version of the Snapdragon SoC or even a Tegra 2. Of even greater importance it would have been fantastic to see more of the launch phones offer more than 8GB of storage. I expect Nokia to hit a home run simply because they don’t have any other choice. All of their smartphone hopes are tied to WP7 now that they have dropped Symbian and MeeGo.

    You are so right though about marketing. Microsoft definitely needs to take a cue from Apple or just about anyone else who wasn’t involved in Microsoft’s largely ineffective WP7 ad campaign.

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